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  • Deluxe Handlebar Buckets


    Deluxe Handlebar Buckets

    Handlebar buckets are one of our most popular items of cycling / bike packing gear. Great for touring, mountain biking and commuting, they hold just about anything you want to keep safe and secure yet within easy reach while you’re riding. Deluxe handlebar buckets have a roomy external mesh pocket for extra space to put your stuff.

    We use ultra-light weight, super sturdy, waterproof X-Pac © material for the outer shell. Drawskirts are made with 210d Dyneema ® gridstop fabric for a pliant and strong closure.

    Handlebar buckets fit on EITHER side of your bike stem thanks to a simple, clever sliding buckle system.

    *  Check out the review in Bicycle Times Magazine! *


    • Handmade using ultra light-weight, super sturdy, waterproof X-Pac ® and Dyneema Gridstop ®
    • Fits on either side of bike stem. Bottom fork crown harness slides to left or right side when mounting to bike
    • Comes in two sizes: Tall (7” long; 4” diameter) or Short (5.5" long; 4" diameter) - Both fit a 1-liter Nalgene bottle
    • Wrap around 1-inch 3M reflective tape
    • Soft, white-colored felt inner lining
    • Foam pad at the bottom for more cushion and support